If you are on Professional or Enterprise plan, you can set availability schedule and business hours for your team.

Important leads like leads coming from your demo-forms or leads with high scores need to be followed up immediately or you may lose a potential opportunity. You can configure SLAs for your important leads so that there is always someone to follow up on those hot leads.

Let’s assume you have the following scenario – Your team works from 9 am – 5 pm PST and you want your reps to respond to “hot leads” within 20 minutes of arrival. However, outside of these work hours, you want the SLA to be a little more relaxed. Outside of business hours, the SLA is 4 hours.

Power router lets you configure these rules for your teams and lead segments by letting you specify business hours & SLAs for your reps.

Business Hours

Business hours refer to the working hours for your team or company. They are closely tied to SLAs for your workflows. When business hours are associated with a team, it tells power router that you may have different SLAs within and outside of business hours for your workflows.

Note that Business hours are not availability for your team. This means that assignments will still work even outside business hours. You can however choose to use business hour for availability by selecting the option Use business hour for availability” in Availability schedule. This is described in detail in the later sections. Every team can have a different business hour & availability schedule.

Availability Schedules

Availability Schedules define the team availability or member availability for assignments. Availability schedules tells power router whether a team or member is available to accept assignments. Power router will pause assignments to a team or member outside of their availability schedule.

You can choose amongst the following options to set availability

  • 24-hours Availability
  • Use Individual Schedule for Availabilty
  • Use Business Hour Schedule for Availability

24-hours Availability

As the name suggests, a team with a 24-hours Availability is always accepting assignments. If you do not want to pause assignments of incoming leads, you would select this option.

By default, the availability schedule for a team is 24-hour availability

If you have business hours defined on the team, you can choose two different SLAs for within business hour & outside business hour with this option.

Use Individual Schedule for Availability

If all your reps work in different schedules you can select this option to specify different work hours for each member of your team. This works in tandem with Business hours, so you can control within/outside SLAs for different workflows.

Use Business Hour Schedule For Availability

You can also choose to use your business hour schedule for availability. This will ensure that the assignments happen only during the business hour & pause outside of business hours. You can only specify within business hour SLA here.

Business Hour & SLAs

If you have business hours associated with your team & a different availability schedule, you can choose different SLAs for within & outside business hours. When you create a workflow, you would get these options to set different SLAs.

If you do not have business hours associated, you’ll get only one option to set the SLA policy.