Granting Access to Users

When you first install Power Router for Admins, the System Administrator profile is granted access by default. To grant access to additional users, permission sets need to be assigned to different profiles.

Power Router has 3 different types of Users :

Admin User – Users who have admin access to Power Router and can create/delete Router teams and workflows and can also change Power Router Settings. Admins Users can only start and stop Power Router.

Power Router Manager – Users who have restricted access to Power Router Settings but can create/delete Teams and workflows.

Power Router User – Users who are part of the router team and need access to the UI to control their availability. This is only required if your users need access to the Availability Screen. If you just need the users to be part of the Router teams, assigning licenses to these users is the only requirement.

Grant Access Using Permission Sets

To assign permission sets,

  1. From Setup, navigate to Users|Persmission Sets
  2. Click on Power Router Manager
  3. Click Manage Assignments
  4. Click Add Assignments
  5. Select Users and Assign
  6. Click Done to Confirm

Grant Access to App Visibility

By default, the app is not visible to Profiles when you assign Permission Sets.

  1. From Setup, go to Create | Apps.
  2. Under Apps, click Edit next to Power Router.
  3. In the Assign to Profiles section, select the Visible checkbox for profiles you want to give access to and select Save.