1. Install Power Router from AppExchange Listing using the ‘Get It Now‘ button.
  2. When prompted, select where you want to install the app. You would get an option to select between Sandbox or Production
  3. Select ‘Confirm and Install‘ and enter your login credentials if asked for.
  4. On the next page, select the users you want to install Power Router for. You would get options to select:
    1. Install for Admins
    2. Install for All Users
    3. Install for Specific Profiles

We recommend to Install for Admins in the beginning and then incrementally provide access to Users who would need access to the UI.

Assigning Licenses

Trial Version
For the trial version of the app, you can skip this step since the trial version comes with a side wide license.

Purchased Version
Once you have purchased the app, you can use the following steps to assign licenses:

Who needs licenses?
Licenses are needed for users who would be interacting with the UI or would be part of the team/workflow for assignments. Admins, Sales managers, Reps and AEs who are part of the router teams would need licenses.

How to assign licenses?

  • Go to Setup and in the Quick Find/Search box – Search for ‘Installed Packages’
  • In Installed Packages list, find Power Router and select Manage Licenses
  • Click Add Users
  • Select Users
  • Click Add