Let’s say you have a group of account executives and you want to distribute opportunities amongst them in a round robin fashion. Let us show you how you can set it up easily using Power Router.

The first step is to configure Power Router to work with Opportunities.

Configure Power Router to add Opportunity Routing User

To route opportunities, we need to define a routing user which would be used as a placeholder for Opportunity objects. All opportunities should be first assigned to this user and then distributed to your based on the workflows. This user essentially acts as a queue for Opportunity objects. Most companies have a default user in salesforce to which all incoming leads are assigned. The same user can be used as a routing queue here.

Why do we need this? In Salesforce, opportunity objects cannot be part of a queue and hence we cannot use a salesforce queue to distribute opportunities.  To work around this, we need a placeholder user for opportunity objects. This user acts as the source from which objects are picked up from.

We’ll let the other configuration settings as default


Also, don’t forget to Start Power Router

Create a Team

We need a team to distribute our opportunities.

Lets go ahead and create a team. This team would consist of 3 users and would handle opportunities for the East Coast.

So, lets call our team ‘East Coast Opportunity Team’


Create a Workflow

Now we need to define the rules to distribute opportunities to  the team we created above. This is done using a workflow.

To create a workflow, simply select the team for which you want to create the workflow.

Go to Team ‘East Coast Opportunity Team’. Select Create Workflow. The team members will be auto-populated for the workflow.  

In this workflow we want to handle opportunities with amount  greater than 10000 and where the lead source is web. We would go ahead and select this filter in our workflow.

Adding these filters signify that only opportunities belonging to the Routing user which meet the filter criteria will be accessed for distribution. Other opportunities belonging to this user will not be affected.

And thats it. You have opportunity round robin setup for your sales team.

You can go ahead and check the results in Router Activities and Dashboards.