Super charge your routing strategies

Assign based on any criteria.

Make sure your leads and opportunities land up with the right reps. Leads and opportunities ending up with the wrong reps lead to lost revenue. Stop losing $$$ due to wrong assignments.

  • Team Based Workflows
  • One Team, Many workflows
  • Round Robin & Weighted
  • Filter on any attribute
  • Assign based on availability
  • Monitor Rep productivity

Built for scaling global teams.

We understand as you grow, your in-house assignment rules do not keep up. Create workflows for different regions and assign based on business hours, region specific attributes. Power router lets you scale seamlessly in a few clicks.

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Analytics on your routing strategies, Monitor reponse times.

Time to first action on a lead or case is important in closing a deal and making a customer happy. Power router lets you monitor how your reps are responding to assigned records.

Free up your time and focus on what matters to your business. Dashboards to see how your workflows are assigning incoming leads/cases. Say NO to manual assignments.

No Cherry Picking, Efficient Routing

Create unique strategies to route to the Rep who can close. No cherry picking of leads, cases and opportunities.

Native Salesforce Application

Power Router resides within your salesforce instance, which means all your data lives inside salesforce and hence is secure, performant and easy to manage.

Monitoring Analytics

See how your router workflows are performing with analytics on every assignment. Monitor Rep reponse times after assignment.

Simple and Scalable

Easily to configure and get started. Efficiently manage your workflows as your team scales.

Rely less on Admins. Take control of your team and workflows.

Power router is simple to use. You do not have to rely on System admins to re-configure your assignment rules when your requirements or team structure changes. Easily tweak workflows yourself.

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