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Do I need to purchase Power Router licenses for all users in my salesforce org?

No, you will only need licenses for users who are power router managers and users who are part of a router team.

How do I get started after installing Power Router?

It is simple to get started with Power Router. After installing the app from AppExchange, you would need to assign licenses and permissions to users who would be using the app. This typically would include Salesforce admins, Sales or Support Managers and end users who would be part of a team like your sales or support staff.

Which salesforce objects do you support for routing?

You can route Leads,Cases and Opportunities with Power Router.

How do I buy additional licenses?

To get additonal licenses, please contact support at

Which salesforce editions do you support?

We support Enterprise, Unlimited editions.

Are there any outside integrations?

No, Power Router is 100% native to salesforce. This means your data never leaves your salesforce instance.

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